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Facing Homeward by Kenneth J Ellisoon

Facing Homeward

Weakly I stand in the moist sand
A cross of Jesus in my hand,
Thinking of deaths opening door,
Listening to the ocean's roar.

Words from a sad doctor so kind
Still repeat through my mind,
Frightening words awful to hear
Made it clear my end is near.

Burning mixed emotions I feel,
Suddenly the world is unreal,
My senses reel from words said,
Horrible dreads fill my aching head.

Overcome with disbelieve and doubt
I sobbed and angrily screamed out,
Holy Father in your kingdom above
Where now! Is your merciful love?

I dropped to my knees crying why!
Why must I be chosen to die?
I raised my shaking hands to the sky
And pleading softly asked God, why?

As a golden sunset slowly faded away
I kneeled in the wet sand to pray,
Forgive me Father for losing control,
Forgive me and accept a sinners soul.

A quietness fell over the ocean shore,
I glimpsed behind Heaven's door,
In my mind God allowed me to see
A home in Heaven waiting for me.

I am not afraid that I must go,
If I must die then let it be so,
At my last breath I won't be alone
Angels are waiting to take me home.

Homeward Bound
©Written by: Ken Ellison 04-05-07

Song title: "Song title is unknown to me"

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