Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

High Hopes by Kenneth J Ellison

High Hopes

Wealth won't save your soul
When it's time to go,
Money will mean nothing at all
At the final roll call.

Power won't gain you favor
If you meet the Savior,
When Gabriel's trumpet blows
All worldly power goes.

Look's won't open Heaven's gate
Beauty won't decide fate
As The Almighty calls your name,
Beauty will be in vain.

Color of skin won't get you in
So eternal life may begin,
Judgment won't be on your skin
But on purity within.

Good deeds done are nice
But won't pay your price,
All the good you will ever do
Won't open Heaven to you.

You may be famous worldwide
But that won't get you inside,
When God opens Heaven's portal
You'll be as any other mortal.

You may take a Christian's walk
Quote The Bible with godly talk
But without forgiveness and grace
Eternity will be a hotter place.

Before God you're a naked child
A bleating lamb meek and mild,
The only way to Heaven is The Son,
Jesus is salvation for everyone.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 03-22-07

Song title: "Wealth Won't Save Your Soul"

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