Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Joy by Kenneth J Ellison


When worldly time has sifted
And redeemed souls are lifted,
What a jubilation day it will be
When Jesus gathers you and me.

When time runs out for mortals
God will open Heaven's portals,
Those pearly-gates will unlock
To welcome home His flock.

We can bid hardships farewell,
Heaven is where we'll dwell,
Where worry free time is endless
We shall know only happiness.

God has prepared a celestial place
Somewhere in starry space
Where departed loves await us
We'll be forevermore with Jesus.

Where sweet water's of life flow
Like gems in Heaven we'll glow
As jewels for The Master's crown
When burdens at last we lay down.

We shall meet on streets of gold
When Heaven's glory we behold,
To dwell as the Bible truth's told
In a land where we won't grow old.

Where glittery walls of jasper rise
To pierce those heavenly skies,
Jesus has readied our new homes
With foundations of precious stones.

Darkness cannot come nor tears fall
Inside Heaven's jeweled walls,
There will be no sickness or sorrow
In our immortal lives of tomorrow.

This old world is decaying away
But there is coming a better day,
When Jesus collects every gem
To go home and dwell with Him.

©Written by: Ken Ellison 03-08-07

Song title: "Do Lord"

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