Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The fruit does not fall far from the tree
And children will grow as you and me,
They will grow to seedlings from seeds sown
And what we are they will be when grown.

Stare at a looking-glass and you will see
Who and whatever your children will be,
Your vocation may not be their career
But to your lifestyle they will closely adhere.

Around our feet they grow from seeds we sow
They watch and listen to learn what we know,
As they grow they become who and what we are,
Children are the most marvelous imitators by far.

We nourish the seeds we've sown by deeds done
By example we are teaching our daughter or son,
What we eat to words we speak will be imitated,
Who or what they become will be what we created.

We must strive day and night to raise children right
And with all our might keep the end goal in sight,
We want for them all the happiness this world holds,
We wish them health and wealth as their life unfolds.

In this wild world it's a massive task to rear a child
Our busy lives are helter-skelter and seldom mild,
Kids are clones that weren't meant to be raised alone,
There is a Redeemer, a master teacher well known.

If we raise our children in the light of God's might
And accept divine help to teach wrong and right,
Our innocent children will sprout strong and straight
And walking a path that leads to Heaven's gate.

When they're grown and on their own they may stray
And be influenced by lost sinners to live Satan's way,
They may give you heartaches and sleepless nights
Because they chose friends that weren't raised right.

But If we have done all that we could and should
And reared children in godly manners to be good,
If we've set a moral model on how to live life and times
No matter what happens we'll have some peace of mind.

Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree nor berry from the vine
But there is help to raise seedlings from The Father divine,
We cannot nourish our children to flourish without help
And bringing God into their young lives is the first step.

If we raise them in prayer and God's influence is there
And make them aware that we love them and care,
If they know of the Savior, righteous behavior and more,
That is all we can do before they walk out the door.

The world is not a perfect place nor we a perfect race
Sometimes satanic wickedness will rear it's ugly face,
Children may become addicted or be jailed for crimes did
But it will be because of how someone else raised their kid.

Ponder that for a moment or two before you read through,
If we raise kids in God's perfection and others did too,
How much strife and trouble could there be in this world?
How much grace, glory and happiness with God's love unfurled.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-07-07

Song title: "Island Of Life"
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