Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

On a frosty day his heart yearned,
The desire for forgiveness burned,
The old chapel was closed he knew
But the holy place of God drew.

He went to the chapel on the hill
On a misty morn hushed and still,
Lost deep in reflection he drove
For the sacred earth of the grove.

He went into the oaks atop the hill
Feeble of body and weak of will,
A lifetime of sinning he has known
And a journey through time alone.

He went to the chapel on this day
With a consuming desire to pray,
He went to confess his living in sin,
He went there but could not go in.

Near the steps by a gnarled old oak
He stood in tears with spirit broke,
Sobbing his body shook with shame
And he hated what he had became.

He fell to his knees upon the ground
And prayed as mist swirled around,
God if you are listening show a sign,
I beg you save this soul of mine.

Forgive me Father for my ways of sin
Let your love and mercy flow within,
Redeem me from this life of disgrace,
Grant me salvation and eternal grace.

He raised his head opening his eyes
And to his wondrous grand surprise
Was a beautiful robin only feet away,
A singing spring robin on a winter day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-14-04

Song title: "On Your Shores"
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