Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I am a lone wayfaring stranger
Going ways marked by danger,
I travel byways signed with sin,
My soul has Satan's will within.

My danger is the eternal flame
For I have played Satan's game,
I've strayed far away from home
I'm sure my soul is almost gone.

I've wandered forlorn and lonely
Steeped deep in sin for Satan only,
Now I'm standing at the crossroad
Thinking back of roads I've strode.

In my footsteps lie a wasted youth
I search my mind to find the truth,
I place no blame for my life of sin,
The reasons for sinning lie within.

Looming at the crossroad is life's sign
One way for salvation by God divine,
The other is but a twisted hewn path,
Strewn with thorns and hellish wrath.

I'm turning to God the Holy Savior,
I pray for forgiveness and His favor,
I'll cross the bridge to the other side,
Over troubled waters deep and wide.

I'm going home to see my mother,
I'm going there under God's cover,
I walk with God my footsteps light,
I'll be home next Christmas night.

My loving family will surround me,
In my eyes God's grace they'll see,
I'll rove no more through life alone,
I will live for Jesus safe at home.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-10-07

Song title: "Wayfaring Stranger"

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