Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Many years have I wandered
God's love I've squandered,
Turning my back on His graces,
Being lustful in sinful places.

I strayed living Satan's way
Until faith withered away,
Drifting on tides of unholy sin
I wouldn't let dear Savior in.

I sought pleasures of the flesh
Trapped in Satan's mesh,
Drinking deep the Devil's wine
Sipping each day foulest brine.

A sinners road I've traveled
Until my life's unraveled,
I'm at rock bottom of a grim pit
And need a pathway out of it.

I am weary soiled and weak,
God holds the key I seek,
From this pit of dark despair
He'll lift me with a fathers care.

I asked God to light the dark,
Forgive sins wickedly stark,
As tears ran down my cheeks
I prayed He save a sinner weak.

A merciful God heard my prayer,
A rustling surrounded there,
His love wrapped gently around,
A radiant light came shining down.

I was made pure free of all sin
When I prayed The Savior in,
I'm lifted from the black of night,
Out of the pit by His holy light.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-08-07

Song title: "I Saw The Light"

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