Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Dear brothers and sisters
Gentle ladies and misters,
If you're hankering for help,
Catch up with quickstep.

Trod with God to Eden land
Hold steadfast His hand,
God has the help you seek
When life blurs to bleak.

When that fuss in your head
Soaks your days with dread
Scoot on the road to happy,
We'll lollygag but be snappy.

Don't caterwaul about it all
Or warp your face and bawl,
Life is too rough and tough,
Join us if you've had enough.

Don't whine just join in line
Salvation is yours and mine,
Discard your bags of sorrow
God vows a bright tomorrow.

Don't dawdle by the wayside
Watery-eyed trying to decide,
Flee the bushes where you hide,
Stride with pride by God's side.

You're weary and feebly weak
So stand on those aching feet,
Praise God as we're walking,
Time is over for whiny talking.

Unite with us and see the light,
Feel the power of God's might,
Depend on Him as we go along
He'll shepherd us safely home.

Don't design on being left behind
With pining heart and upset mind,
Take that first step without delay,
Heaven lies at the end of the way.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-24-07

Songs: "Gospel Songs Medley"

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