Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Time is standing still,
The rest of my life will,
An act has doomed me
I'm hated for eternity.

My mind dwells in hell
Imprisoned in this cell,
Hidden from the outside,
Shackled in shame I hide.

I cannot hide from me,
From torment be free,
Every moment I recall
The dark horror of it all.

In a burst of rage I killed
A man's blood I spilled,
My soul is stained for life
By blood on the knife.

Only God knows why
I wanted him to die,
I'll never understand
The rage from my hand.

So unlike me that act,
That senseless attack,
I've always been kind
With no malice of mind.

Forgive me I pleaded
But was not heeded,
His family has only hate,
For my dying they wait.

God controls my final fate
When I keep death's date,
He forgave my terrible sin,
Mercifully purifying within.

Bars do not a prison make
A tortured mind it takes,
I'll have peace when I die
And over prison walls fly.

Society won't forgive a kill
But a merciful God will,
A heavenly journey I'll make
When my last breath I take.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-10-07

Song title: "Evening Falls"

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