Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Somewhere and Someday sad Girl

We cannot see it but it is there
Past star clusters somewhere,
Beyond the far fringes of space
Is a beautiful gathering place.

There is a glorious home for us
Secured by the blood of Jesus,
We will all meet there someday
In that bright land so far away.

Journeying past stars and further
We will meet before The Father
And dwell in His kingdom forever
When Jesus brings us together.

To a land where time has no end
As heavenly angels we'll ascend
To paradise under celestial skies
Where no child of God ever dies.

No darkness will shroud God's fold
When the glory of Eden we behold,
There will be no sickness or sorrows
In our land of unworried tomorrows.

Thru the starlit Milky Way and on,
When life's closing goal we've won
There will be a meeting on safe shore
And we'll delight in living evermore.

Beyond the limits of time and space
There is a brilliant welcoming place
Where dear loved ones joyfully wait
Just inside Heaven's pearly-gate.

Beyond dreaming or visions wonder
Is our stately home waiting yonder,
Freed from earthly shackles we'll fly
As new angels to Heaven on high.

Somewhere, someday we will meet
When The Father's plan is complete
And as roses in The Master's bouquet
We shall bloom forever and a day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-10-07

Song title: "Prayer Medley"

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