Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

There are stars in the skies,
Hidden from curious eyes
But we know they are there,
In the heavens somewhere.

If vast space we could traverse
Through the galaxies universe
We'd see worlds unseen before,
Never from an earthbound door.

Somewhere in millions of stars
Though no one knows how far
Is God's Heaven we cannot see
But our eternal home it will be.

At times we hear whispers clear,
We feel God's presence near,
In prayer we know He is there
But we cannot see him anywhere.

God's grace from Heaven on high
May never be seen with an eye
But we know His love showers us
For He has given his son Jesus.

There is a grand gift God has lent
That blesses with divine consent,
With love from the Promised-Land,
God has sent winged angel bands.

There are many angels we know,
Truths from the Bible tell us so,
As sentries ever tending the fold
They nurse the flock as foretold.

The messengers of God are there
Watching over us with loving care,
They dwell among us day and night
Reflecting the force of God's might.

We can't see everything we believe
Or trust all our minds can conceive,
But we know angels are everywhere
Because God has said they're there.

The winged ones are alive and well,
Guarding between Heaven and Hell,
The angels love for us is unbounded,
From our hearts that love resounded.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-23-07

Song title: unknown to me

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