Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Pining for family I traveled back once more
To my old mountain home by the shore
Where each day seemed blessed with sunshine
As I grew up happy in that home of mine.

I've roamed so far away from my home
No family or friend not a thing do I own,
I return again to the log home in the glen
Seeking ease of mind from kin and friend.

Mother and dad went to Heaven long ago,
They're now in Paradise with God I know
But surely dear kinfolk would welcome me
Yet as I search no flesh and blood do I see.

I walked the glen from one end to the other
Seeking anyone that knew daddy or mother,
I looked for old friends but none could I find,
Everyone I met was a stranger though kind.

I asked around of staring strangers I saw
If they knew my friends or mother and pa,
They've died away was the answer that came
And no one there could address by name.

All went away came the strangers sad call,
Your sister crossed over in winter we recall,
Their answer shivered me as a cold icy wind,
I'll not feel their warmth on this earth again.

Gray-haired and alone, no friend of my own,
No mother or dad they've all journeyed on,
They went to Heaven by the great bright sea
And everyone in my eyes is a stranger to me.

Someday in God's Kingdom we will all meet
When my circle of life is finally complete,
What a glorious reunion in Heaven there will be
Where no one at all will be a stranger to me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-04-08

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Music: "Rank Stranger" Performed by Ricky Skaggs

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