Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Shadowy shades of evening fall,
Behind walls you feel so small,
As dark draws in you are alone
Entwined in worries on your own.

There is no happiness in you now
Yet you must go on somehow,
Troubles are lain at the doorstep
And in despair you cry for help.

Life's thorns has hurt your heart
But tomorrow can be a fresh start,
Dry those tears from your cheek,
God will render the solace you seek.

There is a fail-safe passage through
The bothers that have befell you,
Give your trials to Jesus in prayer
His reaching arms are waiting there.

Lift those weary eyes to The Father
And surrender to him all your bother,
You will find in worried mind a peace
As the nightmares fade then cease.

Those fears are not yours anymore
When given thru the prayer door
And you cannot borrow any bother
For they now belong to The Father.

Those frightful shadows you feared
Have dimmed and disappeared,
Rest your trouble free mind tonight,
Sleep deep until dawns early light.

The dawning brings a fresh new start
With carefree mind and mended heart,
You will walk in God's grace each day,
Because you reached for Jesus to pray.

Walk on through life and never fear
Remember that God holds you near,
Lift your head high and don't be afraid
You are blessed because you prayed.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-28-08

Song title: "Never Walk Alone" (You'll)

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