Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I strayed away and turned to sin
Allowing the Tempter to enter in,
Somewhere along a righteous way
I slid headlong into moral decay.

Unwitting with the Devil I danced,
In his promenade of sin I pranced,
Proudly waltzing to his profane song
As his chokehold grew ever strong.

I danced at the end of his string
As a puppet to chants he'd sing,
I danced for pleasures of the flesh
And tangled deeper in evils mesh.

Round and round I sinfully whirled
Until Satan's hellish plan unfurled,
He was thieving bits of me each day
Slyly stealing chips of my soul away.

I was the only puppet at this dance
And it was not by random chance,
When I left God and fell by the way,
Satan picked me to dance that day.

I'd slid to the bottom of a dark hole
And Satan was attacking my soul,
I looked up to Jesus from that pit
For Christ is the one way out of it.

Lift me high oh Redeemer I prayed,
Bear me up from where I've strayed,
Forgive my sin and restore me whole,
I lay before you my tattered soul.

In God's mercy my life spun around
In His grace I pace on holy ground,
My path to Heaven is shining bright,
My eternal home is clearly in sight.

God redeemed me from a life of sin
And tenderly seeded His love within,
Never again will I waltz to Satan's fife,
I dance only for God and eternal life.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-02-08

Song title: "Saved By The Blood"

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