Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I thought my days were just a lark
Then in crept the sinister dark,
Blackness of sin shrouded my days
As I gave in to the Devil's ways.

Once I was happy and so carefree
Then I let the dark one profane me,
Satan led me down a primrose path
Then dunked me deep in sins bath.

I walked on thinking life was dandy
Everyday was a sweet bite of candy
Then Satan showed his true evil face
And life shattered all over the place.

But foolishly onward I sinned so fast
Swearing each one would be the last
Then bit by bit things got out of hand
As Satan unfurled his wicked plan.

Days were no longer filled with cheer
I was brimmed with despair and fear,
I began losing everything held dear
As Satan whispered evils in my ear.

I trudged along as happiness ebbed,
In Satan's trap I was tightly webbed,
My bright days turned black as coal
And I was in danger of losing my soul.

In desperation I prayed for a way out
I gave Almighty God a reverent shout,
Then I saw a pinpoint of light that grew
And God's brilliance came bursting thru.

His light washed over bathing me pure,
I received a double dose of God's cure,
My sins were gone in the wink of an eye
And I waved that dirty Devil goodbye.

Get back in your pit demon of the dark,
Again bright days are happy as a lark,
No more your evil from the grim night,
I stand with God, fearless in His light.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-13-08

Song title: "I Saw The Light"

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