Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We labor hard-pressed every day
And government takes our pay
Lawfully stealing the lion's share
leaving us needy with pantries bare.

Greedily the lenders want the rest
Those leering shylock's in silk vest
As we live from payday to payday
Praying to God for a better way.

From beyond the furthest star
The Lord knows who we are,
He sees us struggle to survive,
Slaving each day to stay alive.

We dwell in shadows unseen,
We're hidden in the between,
We exist between hell on earth
And the rich peoples worth.

We are harnessed to life's plow,
We live by the sweat of our brow,
We've fallen between life's cracks
And the rich feed off our backs.

We came into the world poor,
The harshest life we endure,
We live in a circle of poverty
With little money or property.

Scarcely holding things together
Through life's tempest weather
We're doing the best we can do
Until hard times at last are through.

In desperation we look to the skies
With despair in world weary eyes,
We pray to the Holy Father above,
In His grace is strength and love.

From a life that's beaten us down
And crushed us into the ground
We raise calloused hands to pray
That we gain our reward one day.

When our misery is finally through
And we've paid a hard life it's due
We believe God's promise will hold
And we'll dwell in that city of gold.

We the poor all our days will suffer
Through life that grows ever tougher
But some magnificent morning soon
We'll see Heaven beyond the moon.

There is a bright heavenly home for us
Bought by the blood of Lord Jesus,
Someday God will open Heaven's door
And we the poor will be poor no more.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-18-08

Song title: "Come, Now Is The Time To Worship"

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