Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Cherished Lord Jesus I cry your name,
Reach and redeem me from the flame,
I am smothered in a shroud of shame,
Blackened by sin with myself to blame.

Precious Lord Jesus tend your lamb
For no other is more lost than I am,
I strayed from the flock into evils way,
Lord shepherd me home again I pray.

Into the grimmest pit I'm cruelly hurled,
Thrown into the evil of a secular world,
I'm clutched in the cold of Satan's hold,
Lord in your mercy return me to the fold.

I bleat as a lost lamb in the dark of night,
I cry for the brightness of your holy light,
Let it's brilliance cover in loving embrace,
It's healing warmth dry tears from my face.

Forgive me Holy Father for I have sinned
I have swam in the evil of Satan's blend,
I've wandered far and long to come home,
Redeem me Lord Jesus I'm lost and alone.

You are The Master with God given power
I pray you deliver me in my darkest hour,
Bring forth this soul washed clean and pure
For I have a sickness and you are the cure.

Hold firm my trembling hand and lead the way
Take home your lost lamb who went astray,
You are The Good Shepherd and I but a lamb,
Pluck me from the wickedness where I swam.

From the dark pit I see the light of your face
And know I shall be delivered from this place,
Your merciful love has blessed me with grace
My sins are washed clean leaving no trace.

Oh precious Savior I called your name,
Holy Redeemer I cried and you came,
You rescued this stray from a life of sin
And with love purified your lamb within.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-15-08

Song title: "Love Of God"

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