Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You can use your evil tongue as a knife to slice
And cast about falsehoods to interrupt my life,
You can break my heart and make me feel small
But I've a friend in Heaven that will mend it all.

Knock me down, I've been there before
And The Lord picked me up off the floor,
You can hurt my feelings and make me cry
But Jesus of Nazareth my sad tears will dry.

Your slings and arrows will never harm me
I am guarded by the minister from Galilee,
You may prick my skin and red blood will run
But my wounds will be healed by The Father's son.

I am a precious lamb in the light of God's might
He protects me through each perilous night,
Everyday I am safe as I cling tight to His robe,
He will steer me well clear of any grievous road.

So hurl your worst barb, it will hurt but awhile,
Try cursing me with wrath to remove my smile,
I fear not your worst or what you say or do,
I have a protector and He will lead me through.

Beware what you sow for one day you'll reap,
Be careful the wickedness you lay at your feet,
For the hurt caused in God's way you will pay,
You'll forever be damned come Judgment Day.

Use sticks and stones, if you feel you must,
I dread you no more than a speck of dust,
Jesus heals my pain but yours will be forever
When you and Satan are at last flung together.

You've told lies about me, the worst I've heard
But I am not hurt by any forked tongue words
For God and I know the black lies were untrue
And the only person harmed was vicious you.

Please just ponder while you're harassing me
There is a Heaven and Hell and your eternity,
God will mend my wounds or any evils you do,
Do you want the Devil forever tending you?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-11-08

Song title: "Yes I Know"

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