Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I had little in this life of strife
But the treasure of my wife,
In her devotion I stood proud,
Now I stand with head bowed.

Her love I held above anything,
In her eyes I was a king
And I adored her over anyone
In my life she was the sun.

There was love in her soft kiss
Her graceful beauty I miss
With her loss, I lost my heart,
I thought we'd never part.

Yet here I stand and she is gone
And I've never felt so alone,
In tears I've walked our lane
Praying for ease from the pain.

With weary head bowed down
I opened my eyes to the ground
And between worn out shoes it lay
Where I lingered to pray today.

A small stained cross lay to rust
I picked it from the powdery dust,
It was not fine silver or gold I saw
But in it's meaning I stood in awe.

I had prayed to God for any sign
That may ease this heart of mine,
Just anything to help me carry on
To let me know I am not alone.

I brushed the dust off and stared
And understood someone cared,
Gazing at the cross In my palm
I was filled by a sense of calm.

God gave my broken heart ease
On our lane beneath the trees,
From a cross that lay in the dust
I've learned to go on as I must.

Though I grieve my love's loss
There is strength in the cross
And though at times I may weep
My faith in God I will keep.

I'll carry the cross in my pocket
Inside her golden locket,
Against her curl of flaxen hair
I pressed my treasure with care.

From the dust I plucked a sign,
A tarnished cross divine,
God in his mercy let me know
She waits inside Heaven's glow.

Someday I'll be in her embrace
I will kiss her beautiful face
And never again will we be parted,
Never again to be brokenhearted.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-21-08

Song title: "Fine Flowers In The Valley"

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