Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Holy Redeemer I kneel in need
Your deliverance I plead,
Rescue me from where I am,
Come and save your lamb.

Impart your love into my heart
Renew me for a fresh start,
Please forgive my evils within,
Wash your child pristine of sin.

I am adrift in darkened days
Mudded by worldly ways,
I'm soiled by the sinning done
And so I kneel oh gracious one.

Let your healing love flow
Set my beaten spirit aglow,
Let your mercy light shine
On this weary body of mine.

Forgive me Holy Redeemer
Save a backslid blasphemer,
In your likeness rise me up,
Bless me from thy anointing cup.

Lord Jesus Almighty Forgiver
In worship I pray you deliver,
Lead me from the path I'm on
Before my stained soul is gone.

My sin and wicked ways I repent
Let your forgiving grace be sent,
I have kneeled that I may rise
A pure reflection in your eyes.

Wash me Jesus for I am unclean
The evil of my ways I've seen,
Heal my heart and soul with love,
Cradle me as a wounded dove.

Prepare my way dear Lord I pray
So I may enter Heaven one day,
You are risen as The Father's Son,
Rise me in purity most Holy One.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-24-08

Song title: "Does Jesus Care?"

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