Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


You skulk like a thief in the night
But I fear not your fright
For I know why you come here,
You want who I hold dear.

That treasure you won't take,
So precious I will not forsake,
You may take everything I own
But leave Jesus alone.

I will not surrender my Savior
Or alter my religious behavior,
Material wealth you can steal
But you can't change how I feel.

You mutilate my God given rights,
Fill my Christian life with plights
But you won't harm the faith in me,
I belong to the man from Galilee.

Just try to fool my trusting heart
Try to break Jesus and me apart,
Abuse my emotions till I cry an ocean,
You won't break my sacred devotion.

I will not give in to your way of sin
I am with Jesus beyond life's end,
Your secular way can't lead me astray
Or take my Jesus away.

You can steal my silver and gold
Because you are wickedly bold,
Take it all and leave me none,
I'll be rich in The Father's son.

Rob my pantry and leave it bare
But I'll still love Jesus in prayer,
Take until I'm the poorest of poor
My wealth lies at Heaven's door.

Here is the long and short of it all,
Take my life if you have the gall,
For me being me and you a hater,
I'd get to Heaven sooner than later.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-06-08

Song: "They Will Know We Are Christians" (By Our Love)

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