Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Father your glory magnify
In mercy draw me nigh,
Cleave me unto your breast
Lay my burdens to rest.

Bathe me in your light
Let me cling ever tight,
Rise me in your might,
Rid me of perilous plight.

Troubles lurk at my door
And I'm weary and wore,
Trials ambush at every turn
And life is unkindly stern.

Humbly I kneel in meekness
Help me from my weakness,
Grace me with divine strength
To endure my burdens length.

I sleep fitfully uneasy at night
Tossing and turning until light,
My unquiet thoughts are twisted
And wistful eyes tear misted.

Forgive my sins and grant me grace
Raise my being to a hallowed place,
Let me dwell under your shield
As my tribulations to you I yield.

You are the rock of my foundation
I pray before you in adoration,
I surrender all my worries to you
And in your grace I'll last through.

I'll walk with my head held high
As my problems pass me by,
Life will have harmony and peace
As worries recede and cease.

Jesus you drew me from hells fire
And saved me from times so dire,
You set my way to a brighter day
And all I needed was to pray.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-26-08

Song title: "God Will Make A Way"

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