Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I cried out in the name of Jesus,
Almighty God redeem us!
We've spun webs of destruction,
Traps of our own construction.

In frustration at the way times are
I faced the brightest star,
Raising my arms I pleaded out loud,
Free us God from an unholy shroud.

We of the world are morally decaying
As I kneel before you praying,
We have embraced a sinful behavior,
I beg deliverance Lord Savior.

With reverence I pray for the world
Impart your mightiness unfurled,
Let a healing warmth of love enfold,
Return your strays to the fold.

Murder and mayhem are rampant today
Stealing and lies have become our way,
The killing of babies is deemed all right
And terror haunts the streets at night.

The world is infested with evil leaders,
Deceiving dangerous hate seeders,
They spread horrible wars worldwide
Their solitary purpose is genocide.

We are killing each other in your name
Extreme loathers we have became,
There is intolerance on a grand scale
And conflicts over differences prevail.

Drunks and drug addicts brazenly rule,
How to have sex is taught in school,
Pornography overwhelms us worldwide
As children watch and learn wide-eyed.

Unbridled judges with unholy flaws
In stupidity concoct ungodly laws
While the same gender sues to wed,
Cowardly politicians hide their head.

We pollute the skies and earth under
Your pure creation is torn asunder,
With greed for more we will not quit,
We'll devour this planet and all on it.

Save us Father for we have wandered
Your gifts bestowed are squandered,
Forgive our evils and rebirth us new,
That we endure in worship of you.

Redeemer in merciful compassion
Change our wicked worldly fashion,
Cleanse angry eyes clouded with sin,
Fill us with love for stranger and kin.

Lord God Almighty of perfection
Turn us in a spiritual direction,
Instill a blessing of harmony and peace,
In your grace let differences cease.

Forgive our frailty and humanly flaws
Let adoration be our common cause,
Gift us love and respect for everyone,
I ask of you Father, in the name of your son.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-09-08

Song title: "A Sinner Saved By Grace"

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