Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Sins aplenty you've spread around
In Satan's binds you are bound,
You cower in the dark at his control
As he plucks pieces of your soul.

Sins stretched you tight as a drum,
Burdens pulled until you're numb,
Tribulations have made life glum
But there is help if you will come.

Flee from the darkness into the light
Feel the heal of The Almighty's might,
Curled in the dark where you cower
You cannot feel His saving power.

Be brave of heart for salvation is near
In the name of Jesus wipe that tear,
Stand straight up then kneel and pray
The Lord is flushing sins today.

Be saved by the blood of the lamb,
Flee the sinful waters you swam,
Turn your back on tempting water
Prove to the Tempter who is smarter.

God's saving grace flows as a flood
As you are washed in the blood,
You'll rise as pure as you can be,
Purged by the Savior from Galilee.

God is the key to loose Satan's bind
Don't let salvation leave you behind,
His Forgiveness brings soothing ease
And you'll find mercy on your knees.

You were duped by the Devil's sham
But Power is in the blood of the lamb,
Jesus will cleanse you pure right now,
Your prayer is the way, His power is the how.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-08-08

Song title: Washed In The Blood

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