Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Ordeals left you jaded and slowly faith faded
Now your life with fear and doubt is shaded,
Cloaked in the dark of despair you fearfully live
Forgetting that The Father has salvation to give.

You roamed far from home and drifted into sin
Never praying or asking your dear Savior in,
You feel unloved and unwanted by anyone at all,
You did not recall there is a Savior to call.

Now is the hour to call on the power that saves
Jesus will impart the love your heart craves,
Don't turn you eyes to the ground with a frown
But to the skies for Him who wore that thorny crown.

In the love of God you can turn your life around
Safely in His arms happiness can be found,
For the love of God and in His love let it be,
Accept His love and in His grace you will be free.

In His love and mercy you will be raised on high
Until troubles and tribulations pass you on by,
Ask His forgiveness and you'll know how to fly
High above your ordeals thru God's shielded sky.

His nail scarred hand is reaching for you to hold
Come back to the fold and let His Love enfold,
Let His goodness and warmth heal as you kneel
And in prayer you will feel forgiveness that is real.

Time and again you were tempted and tested
Now in God's love the weariness is rested,
He has bested Satan before and forever will
So let your heartache still and His grace fulfill.

Spread your new wings for you've learned how to fly
In God's love you can bide as you glide in His sky,
Soaring over troubled waters and dark valley's below,
Someday you'll fly to Heaven for God promised it so.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-02-08

Song title: "Holes In The Floor Of Heaven"

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