Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The Jesus train has left the depot
I watched it leave and did not go,
I was left behind in cold hard rain
Suffering the ills of a sinners pain.

The fare was paid but I did not go
Why I didn't I do not know
For on the menu was life eternal,
I choose instead hell's infernal.

Wide-eyed I watched it leave
But didn't cry nor did I grieve,
I just smiled at the happy faces
As they left for heavenly places.

Steeped in sin I did not board
I'd drank from Satan's gourd,
I supped deep the devils wine
And favored fruit off evils vine.

The train streaked into night
I pined but feared no plight,
I saw loved ones disappear
And felt alone but did not care.

From afar I heard it whine
As it sped for Eden divine,
The saved are going home
And I'm kept as Satan's own.

I live daringly for the Devil
In sins of the flesh I revel,
I live for the here and now
But I'll get to Heaven I vow.

No need to borrow sorrow
There is always tomorrow,
Another train will come along,
Maybe then I'll go on home.

The last train rumbles fade
But I'm sure and unafraid,
Other trains will come I know
Because Lucifer promised it so.

I'll pray to The Creator later
And unless Satan is a traitor
Another ride will soon come by,
Would the greatest deceiver lie?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-21-08

Song title: "Waterfall"

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