Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

An empty whiskey bottle lay at his side
His ravaged body shook as he cried,
Another night as many stealing his life,
One more promise broken to his wife.

The car held the stench of vomit inside
A reminder of the many times he lied,
Each vow to quit he intended to keep,
His spirit was willing but the flesh weak.

With the radio blaring hymns he sobbed
He was guilt ridden, his head throbbed,
Sickness cut through his body as a knife,
He prayed for a miracle for him and wife.

He was a hundred miles or more away
From the refuge of home that Sunday
In a drunken stupor trying hard to drive
Just to survive the night, just stay alive.

Dawns light barely lit the narrow byway
Somehow he'd strayed off the freeway,
At that untimely moment a tire went flat
And no spare stranded him where he sat.

Then he heard singing in the distance
And staggered toward it for assistance,
Songs of worship floated on the breeze
From a country church nestled in trees.

The closer he came the soberer he became
He was drawn surely as a moth to a flame,
With knees shaking he made the last step
As a hopeless drunk in need of God's help.

Trembling he flung the door open wide,
The flock turned and stared wide-eyed,
The pastor walked the aisle with a smile
And bid him visit God's house for awhile.

God touched him and he could not stand
So he crawled on his knees and hands,
Praying as the flock urged him to the altar
And in God's strength he did not falter.

Holding hands they circled him to pray
And God took control of his life that day,
The stray lamb was redeemed that hour,
Purified by God's Heaven-sent power.

A forgiven sinner stood upright in grace
With tears of joy streaming his face
And they sang to Jesus and he sang loudest,
Awash in God's love he shown proudest.

As the church service came to an ending
His Christian walk had it's beginning,
The flock walked him to where the car sat
And still singing they replaced the flat.

From his teenage years until well gray
He lived the life of a drunk every day
But a miracle from God changed his life
And he was still singing as he went to his wife.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-13-08

Song title: "Sweet Hour Of Prayer"

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