I will see those smiling faces
When I fly to higher places,
What a celebration there will be
When loved ones welcome me.

There is no place so pretty
As Heaven's bright shiny city
And Father I can hardly wait
To join my family at it's gate.

I am groomed for departure
I am ready for the Rapture
And my eyes are fixed on glory
To fulfill God's gospel story.

I have walked a pious pathway
As a Christian night and day
And my reward awaits on high
So when God is ready so am I.

My walk has been hard and long
And I'm ready to journey home,
Heaven lies at the end of my way
And I'm ready for Rapture day.

I wait for Gabriel's trump to sound
Then I'll be Heaven bound
And I'll dwell in Eden by the shore
At peace at last forevermore.

With prayer I have endured it all,
Through hardships big and small,
I have faced Satan's temptation
And stood tall in God's salvation.

There is a bright city by a shining sea
Where home and family waits for me,
When God is ready for the capture,
I am ready for the Rapture.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-10-08

Song title: "Revive Us Again"

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