Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Yesterdays tears are hardly dry,
Today you're having a new cry
Then like a bolt from the wild blue
You remember God will save you.

This bedtime in a desperate hour
You cried to the highest power,
In prayer you surrendered all
And Father answered your call.

The pillow that once held dread
Is now a refuge for your head,
Cradled by God's love in sleep,
A night of delight you will reap.

For the first time in uneasy years
You fell fast asleep with no fears,
And slept good the night through
As God's tenderness soothed you

No bad dreams cruelly taunted,
God gave the peace you wanted
So arise in Christ to a new dawn
You are no longer Satan's pawn.

Stand up in God's light sleepyhead
Time to rise from that comfy bed,
Today your new life is beginning
Freed from the burdens of sinning.

So joyfully greet the bright morn
From God's love you are reborn,
As a baby child you are made pure
And a place in Heaven is secure.

Cheerfully go your way today
God will keep the Devil at bay,
In His grace you are accepted
In His shield you are protected.

Today will be your best day ever
For you and God walk together,
His strength and love is the way
To your happiness everyday.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-26-08

Song title: "Babylon Is Fallen"

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