Your big hurt seemed small
And no grownup cared at all,
They sent you to bed instead
Mocking the tears you shed.

But you knew there is someone
Didn't you precious one,
Though a babe you are aware
There is love through prayer.

You cried to Jesus in prayer
Because no one was there,
Not one cared to embrace
And kiss your sad little face.

You were hurt today at play
But Jesus took the hurt away,
He eased away your sorrow,
Soothing you until tomorrow.

Peaceful the innocent sleeping
No more sadly weeping,
As pure as snow the child lies
Beneath His watchful eyes.

Sleep well innocent baby child
Sleep little lamb so mild,
Tears are dried by His hand
So drift away to dreamland.

Slumber deep no more to weep
The Holy Father is your keep,
He will soothe you all the night,
Cradling you till dawning light.

At dawn as you wake and yawn
Your protector will not be gone,
Jesus loves you as His very own,
In His love you're never alone.

Sleep deep in His love dearest,
His embrace holds you nearest,
You wept and Jesus came to you
And tomorrow everything is new.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-24-08

Song title: "Kathleen Mavourneen"

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