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Church In The Dale by Kenneth J Ellison
Church in the Dale Divided


There is an old church in the vale,
A house of God shining in the dale
That beckons all to enter and pray,
A house of hope for those astray.

After a hundred years it still stands
Built by the forefathers strong hands
And dedicated to The Lord above
As a symbol of their devoted love.

Inside the humble frame of wood
Many pious preachers have stood
At the pulpit teaching God's word
Amid hallelujahs that were heard.

Many lost souls have been saved,
Many a comforting has it gave,
This country church amid the hills
Is offering God's salvation still.

Little Brown Church in the Dale

It serves as the local community hall
And shelters the harvest dance in fall,
There are potluck dinners and bingo
And Christmas trees in winter snow.

Sweethearts are being married here
As they have year after year,
In this little church where they met
They bring their grandchildren yet.

Inside God's House built so long ago
Is comfort and joy to those that go,
It's a dwelling where neighbors greet
And praise God from a well worn seat.

If you are traveling a country byway
And you see a little church by the way,
We welcome you to stop and say hello
And we'll pray together before you go.

Church in the Dale Divided

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-19-04

Song title: "Church In The Wildwood"

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