Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Some happy day peace will reign
Over this world gone insane,
Compassionate love will be the rule
And God's will the enforcing tool.

God will calm each angry heart
And a fresh course for us chart,
A direction of complete adoration
For the world population.

Harmony will encompass the earth
We will not judge others by worth
And no converted spirit ever again
Will hate for the color of skin.

The population of faraway lands
Will span the miles to join hands
And respect all rights and traditions
With no restrictions or conditions.

Wars and rumors of war will be past
As God restores a peace that will last
And the people again will know mirth
As contentment blankets the earth.

Never will we have conflict in our lives
Caused by dire plans leaders devise,
Hardened hearts will be made mellow
As God applies a plan they will follow.

There will be peace between each nation
For we're all God's divine creation,
He created no one person above the other,
In His eyes we're all sister and brother.

There is coming the great delayed day
When God wearies of games we play,
His shadow will spread over the world
And everlasting peace will unfurl.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-08-04

Song title: "Peace In The Valley"

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