Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Almighty Father my cherished King
You are my lifeline, my everything,
You are my heartbeat and my breath,
The way to eternal life after death.

Your precious love gives my spirit wings
In adoration my soaring spirit sings,
Always you raise me each time I fall
With love you answer each time I call.

You give my weary mind cause to rejoice
As I listen to the whispers of your voice
Guiding me through every dangerous day
With love and mercy shielding the way.

You are my salvation in dark of night
When hard-times fill me with fright,
When I am captive on a crest of fear
It is your comforting whispers I hear.

Savior you hear each needful prayer
I have only to ask and you are there
Easing me through each turbulent time
And restoring peace to a troubled mind.

Lord you raise me up to be all I can be
And I cry hallelujah from bended knee,
As I struggle to be like you every day
I kneel and pray and you show the way.

You are The Shepherd and I the lamb
You created the Christian I am,
With your precious love showing the way
I pray we'll meet in Heaven someday.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-01-04

Song title: "How Great Thou Art"

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