Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Those white-winged angels fly
And one glad morning so will I,
One grand day by God's grace
I'll wing away to a brilliant place.

I'll wing to join an angel band
In the skies over Glory-Land
Where the milk and honey flow
That's where I'm gonna go.

I'll trade my old rock 'in chair
For wings to fly way up there
To that regal city that gleams
I can only imagine in dreams.

I'll throw down my walking-stick
'Cause never again will I be sick,
Plant my ailing body in the earth
This old vessel has little worth.

Just flush my pills down the drain
I'm going where there is no pain,
Where there is no hurt or sorrows
In that land of bright tomorrows.

Take my walker from the car trunk
And toss it in the garbage dump
I don't need one in Heaven you see
And that's where I'm gonna be.

I'll turn in my prescription shoes
When I shed these earthly blues,
I'm gonna wing to glory by and by
And I don't need shoes to fly.

Mail my quack doctors a note
And write them this quote,
"No more will you poke my hide,
I've gone to Heaven to bide."

My work on mother earth is done
I've had my time in the sun
And now I'm ready to go on home
'Cause I'm dog-tired to the bone.

After I've gone and you miss me,
Picture me by that shining sea,
In that bright city on golden shore
I'll wait for you at our mansion door.

"By And By"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-09-08

Song title: "Come And Dine"

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