Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Life is troubled for me these days
I swirl in a circle of sinful ways,
A merry-go-round I cannot stop,
Wicked old habits I cannot drop.

In a time of self-love I went astray
And diluted virtues began to decay,
Into a sordid life of sins I am swept,
Enslaved in weakness I am kept.

My weakness of the flesh is strong
The spirit is frail and habits long,
Years I've quested after pleasure,
My appetite for sin has no measure.

I am now Satan's tool and useful fool,
I am whirling in a vicious whirlpool,
His hellish current is pulling me under
And bits of my soul are strewn asunder.

I looked in the mirror and saw it all
In sad eyes I watched my downfall
My craven image in the cruel mirror
Couldn't have shown my demise clearer.

From the deep dark hole I occupy
I turned tear filled eyes to the sky,
I was at bottom as low as I could go
And Jesus is the only way up I know.

Habitual sinning is a hard chain to break
And every once of courage it will take,
I can't do it alone because I am weak
But God Almighty has the strength I seek.

Jesus died that sinners like me may live
And I believe forgiveness is His to give,
In worship I prayed with a repent heart
And was saved by love at prayers start.

In the Heaven-sent power of God's Son
My lifelong struggle with Satan is won,
Today I saw in the old mirror a new face,
A happy one beaming with God's grace.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-18-08

Song title: "Even Me"

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