Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In a stark hospital room an innocent child lay,
Doctors had surrendered any hope this day,
Only a miracle could save her now they said
To the mother of the little girl so still in bed.

Tenderly they pledged she is not really alive
And without machines she could not survive,
In a cold corridor was asked a mother weeping
To let go her precious baby forever sleeping.

A sobbing mother in anguish fell to her knees
And cried out for someone to save her please!
Think of her in Heaven with God a nurse cried
For your beautiful daughter has already died.

In sorrow and grief only a mother has ever felt
They removed support from her baby who slept
Then waited in the hall for her last gasp of breath,
A weeping mother waited for the angel of death.

Suddenly a brilliant white light burst into the hall
It's brilliance for a heartbeat blinded them all,
Amazed doctors and nurse held on to each other
As a brighter light yet covered poor mother.

The brilliance drifted to pause before the door
Of the sweet child thought gone forevermore,
From the bright light a winged angel appeared
And through the door of the pure disappeared.

They rushed to bedside and in stunning surprise
A sleeping baby girl opened beautiful eyes,
So softly she said, "mommy an angel hugged me,"
It was pretty mommy, did you see? Did you see?

It was not the angel of death they had stood before
But a messenger of God promising life evermore
And those doctors should not think such a miracle odd
After all, God is God, is God.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-27-08

Song title: "Jesus, Name Above All Names"

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