Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I had chosen to stand in my pride alone
And face life's struggles on my own,
I preferred to trust in my own frail might,
Forsaking any entry to Heaven's light.

I judged my self-worth beyond measure
And admiring myself was a pleasure,
I needed no one to help battle life's wars
Like a spiritual Lord living in the stars.

I pursued treasure wherever the chase led
I wore costly clothes of the finest thread,
I lived in a grand home of elegant marble
And had no use for that Bible of garble.

I took pleasure as I pleased every day
And let no obstacle hinder my way,
I was high atop life's game and a winner
But I was also a self-centered sinner.

What God has rendered He can take in a blink
And in the confusion I could not even think,
In the span of a lion's roar I lost all I adore
And now I live poor behind a rented door.

I was cast down from the shiny pedestal I built
And unwrapped from my self-made vanity quilt,
God stripped me so I could see who I really am,
One of The Shepherd's flock, a naked wee lamb.

So here I sit at this wobbly old table writing
Thinking back on times I thought exciting,
Trying hard to remember every sin I regret,
And writing them down so none I'll forget.

As I wrote I began to cry and could not stop
The list became a letter wet with teardrops
My confession to The Lord was pages long
And I wept as I read all I'd done wrong.

When I finished I sat for awhile, then smiled,
Would not The Father forgive His child?
I stood up, looked up, then kneeled to pray
And read my letter to Jesus in prayer that day.

I was forgiven in the span of a dove's coo
And God delivers to me whatever is due,
My future is in the palm of God's hand,
My mansion waits in The Promised-Land.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-11-09

Song title: "All Over The World"

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