Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As you journey over this earth of old
And your life's story begins to unfold,
You will be tried and tested all the way,
There can be joy or sorrow on any day.

Your lifespan will have inspired gladness
But it will be flecked with sadness,
As you walk life's way to a desired end
Happiness or hurt lies around any bend.

Luring pleasures lie in ambush all along
To tempt from the true path to the wrong
And you will stumble onto that sinful trail
For the flesh is weak and the spirit frail.

Onto byways off the right way you'll stray
And into the pitfall of sins will fall prey,
A waiting Devil can rain down destruction
On a rosy walkway of perfect construction.

Entrance to the bypath is highly beguiling
And entry keeps Satan wickedly smiling,
The further you go along his twisting trail
The deeper his nails clench without fail.

Stretches of your journey will be smooth
You won't need a hand or word to soothe,
Every footstep will be a sure-footed stride,
You need no guidance for no troubles hide.

But roses have thorns and sinning is a snare
Both can be alluring but gambles they share,
A prick by a thorny rose is a minor irritation
But picking Satan will cost your salvation.

We were not created perfect by Almighty God
And we will stumble and fall as we wearily plod
But each time we stray off the way into sinning,
Waiting Jesus is offering us a new beginning.

We travel through life for we have no choice
And we are all sinners but God gave us voice,
In prayer for God's grace as we pace through
Is redeeming forgiveness for sins we do.

As humans we are imperfection personified
But our Redeemer is perfection magnified,
No matter how far on a sinful path you roam
In His perfect light you will be shown home.

As sinners we fall down to the ground and hurt
But Jesus will lift us and wash away sins dirt,
Purified we journey on around the next bend,
Trusting and praying that Heaven is our end.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-13-09

Song title: "Psalm23"

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