Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Some days I meet me coming and going,
Rushing in circles without ever knowing
Why some days in prayer turn out so good
And the bad without aren't understood.

Some days are sunny and some dim gray
Sometimes old Satan gets in my way,
Some days I worship and some I forgot
And I fret about going to Heaven or not.

Some days are gold and some black coal,
Most days I worry about my soul,
Some days I praise and bad days I curse,
On worse days I curse myself first.

There have been times I've fallen down
Some days I can't rise from the ground,
The last time I landed is where I still lay
Rolling in sin every darkening day.

I fell into sinning too harsh to mention,
I was deep in but it wasn't my intention,
I became lost a little bit each day
Until I realized to late, I'd lost my way.

So I cried Jesus! Yes I called His name,
Salvation no more was a waiting game,
I needed a Savior before I lost my soul,
I called Jesus with Heaven as my goal.

I was down-and-out so I gave God a shout
And it was my forgiveness we talked about,
With merciful love He washed me pure,
In His grace no worry will I ever endure.

Nowadays are good and some are fine
Life keeps getting better all the time,
I cried for the Redeemer and He came
And my soul eternal will remain the same.

Someday Lord Jesus will call my name
And life for me forever will change,
Some glad morning I will hear His voice,
One heavenly day my soul shall rejoice.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-27-09

Song title: "Your Way"

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