Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In brilliance the beautiful roses grow
Where the water's of eternal life flow,
Where Heaven's harping angels sing
Grows a rose garden in eternal spring.

Someday at the end of our weariness
We will gather in a land of happiness
And join loved ones in eternal sunlight,
Never again feeling the doubt of night.

The keeper of the stars in glory waits
Within the roses past Heaven's gates
To place fresh flowers in His bouquet
When we blossom in Heaven someday.

There is a land beyond the last sunset
Where God's beautiful roses bloom yet,
In that bright city far beyond the shade
Where the fragrant flowers never fade.

There is peace at the end of the rainbow

Beyond the last bright of starlight glow,
Where The Master's roses prettily bloom
Is serenity everlasting, past the moon.

One glad morn from the mist we shall rise
And meet with jubilation in distant skies,
In a paradise The Creator lovingly made
And as His roses we'll never fade.

There is only happiness we will ever know
Where the Master Gardener's roses grow
And we'll delight in our place of tomorrows,
Never knowing the torment of sorrows.

We are fertile seeds sown by God's hand
To blossom brightly in the Promised-land,
Beautiful roses-beautiful roses someday-
We will bloom in The Master's bouquet.

Far past the last star on God's shining shore
Is a garden where we shall dwell evermore,
Where waiting loved one's in grace reposes
And we once weeds, become beautiful roses.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-23-09

Song title: "Free And Slave"

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