Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You sit fretting with a deep furrowed brow
Thinking of where your dim life is now,
Where you have come from and are going
And supposing there is no way of knowing.

Your heart is hurting with sins of the past
They have returned to condemn you at last
And you feel alone with no earthly reprieve,
Regretting past sins compel you to grieve.

Your emptiness crushes any cause to rejoice
Where you are now is at the brink of choice,
The choice made solves where you're going,
In truth there is an absolute way of knowing.

You've mellowed with years but have old fears
The sins of your youth has caused bitter tears,
Your choice should be to give those sins away,
Serenity can be found where you kneel and pray.

Ask God to intervene in your life of in-between
He will alter your outlook by washing you clean,
Where you are is between the saving of your soul
And ruing your past where you have no control.

God in Heaven thru The Son is forever forgiving
And with love will change your sad way of living,
Salvation is a whispered prayer from your heart,
Your address Heaven when this world you depart.

Raise your gaze to God who created this Earth
He alone is the decider of your personal worth,
His love is unending and His promise unbending,
He will forgive past sins with prayer ascending.

Happiness can be your way of life with no sacrifice
Jesus Christ on the cross has already paid the price,
Accept God's forgiveness for the sins of your youth
And rejoice in the grace of God's unshakable truth.

From your clasp hands to the nail scarred hands
In prayer deliver your past sins and future plans,
Your future is a home in Heaven that will enthrall
And the sins of your youth never happened at all.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-13-09

Song title: "Give Me Jesus"

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