Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Dark shadows shroud me and I've sunken low,
Swirling in an eddy where troubled waters flow,
Evilness has overflowed me and sullied my soul,
Thoughts black as coal dust have taken their toll.

I have strayed away into an unholy life of sin
And in my heart I feel deeply stained within,
I am dark as a dungeon and cold as the clay,
In shame I slink away to the garden today.

I am a cheerless broken vessel needing mending
My spirit as shards of glass are strewn unending,
Pieces of my faith lie as rubble to catch my tears,
I go meekly to the garden spell-bound by fears.

I pray every stone step to the gate opened wide
And I can sense Lord Jesus waiting just inside,
I've come helpless to the wooded garden alone
Seeking solace from the only friend I've known.

The Savior is already there moving with ease,
He is the whispering through the green trees,
He is the sunbeam dancing on the clear brook,
His splendor shines filling every beautiful nook.

Jesus is the blush upon the red roses in bloom,
He is wind that carries their fragrant perfume,
Jesus is the diamond dewdrops gleaming bright,
The songbirds in flight and the warming sunlight.

Jesus is with me as I stroll among the flowers,
I feel within the strength of healing powers
As we slowly walk I talk in soft spoken prayer,
Though I cannot see Him, He touched me there.

Merciful forgiveness coursed my thirsty veins,
His touch shook me as I tried to kneel in vain,
His grace will be on me all my days at His will
And in a blink the garden became silently still.

Beaming with joy I sat near the roses awhile
Then suddenly a thought brought a wide smile,
A gate that is always locked was not you see,
My friend Jesus opened that gate, just for me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-25-09

Song title: "A Sinner Saved By Grace"

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