Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Over the world they flood mailboxes
Requesting prayer by proxies,
Urgent emails from someone in need
Asking for a compassionate deed.

Please pray for me some emails read
Others for a beloved earnestly plead,
Some want prayer for rank strangers,
So many deal daily with dangers.

As prayer-chains they call for prayer
For many or someone somewhere,
Prayers in number get Heaven bound
By the "you have mail" sound.

Some are so sad they cause you to cry
It's awful to hear someone may die,
Divine intervention they beseech of us
And tearfully we pray to Lord Jesus.

Some asking seem frivolous or insincere
And you wonder why they sent it here
But the truth is, there is no foolish prayer,
It's important to someone somewhere.

The suffering ask that prayer prevail
As we read their heartbreaking email
And in unison we bow our heads to pray
In multitude on any God given day.

We pray for the downtrodden on request
We pray the oppressed have lasting rest,
We pray for the ill and lame with no name
For they are God's children all the same.

Almighty God in Heaven upon requesting
Offers salvation and eternal resting,
In His grace all things are healed forever,
There are miracles in prayer together.

They flood email boxes in a continual stream
And are entwined by a common theme,
Someone in misery ask mercy from you,
Will you pray to God? Is that what you'll do?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-30-09

Song title: "The Gift"

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