Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In the valley of tears for years
I could not face a life of fears
Then God sent an angel by wing,
Now instead of weeping I sing.

Bad misfortunes had laid me low
But Lord in Heaven I know,
With love from your scarred hand
My angel lifted me too stand.

My shielder raised me up high
Until troubles passed me by
Then far from any bother around
My angel gently lay me down.

When I felt like a homeless waif
Lost and alone with no place safe
And I was sure I could not endure
An angel embrace made me secure.

In the storms of life I was bound,
In troubled waters I could drown,
Life's problems rolled as thunder
But my angel drew me from under.

I fell down but never meant to stay
I only went down there too pray,
I went to my knees too thank Jesus
For the angels that watch over us.

In the night if I'm restless in bed
And frets fill my head with dread
I know my angel friend is nearby
Too comfort if I need a good cry.

I face my dreariest days unafraid
For I am a rare vessel God made,
I am His child and with love He sent
An angel to shield me from torment.

Keep watching my cherished holy gift
Until through this hard life at last I sift
And when I reach the end of my lifeline
Convey me away to my mansion divine.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-09-09

Song title: "Angels Among Us"

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