They come when you are weakest
Making your life appear bleakest,
Just when you can't bear anymore
New problems come to your door.

Troubles never come one at a time
When they ring your door-chime,
Bothers seem triple when they arrive
And you wonder how you'll survive.

Turn to the friend at your shoulder
Jesus, the supreme problem holder,
Give your worries to Jesus in prayer
When full of fears you cannot bear.

Jesus will free you when you cannot
He will carry the burden you've got,
When there is no will to struggle on
Jesus is hope, when hope seems gone.

They stalk as you walk through days
keeping your restless mind in a haze,
Troubles visit through sleepless nights
And raise your worry to new heights.

When settled into despair out of hand,
Jesus will lift you from the quicksand
Taking the weight that sank you down
And put your footing on safer ground.

He can make you see what you cannot
When you need clarity for troubles got,
Lift your sad eyes to the tower of power
Jesus is The light in darkest hour.

He is love when you are weak and alone
He will comfort you until worry is gone,
He will lead you from troubles brambles
And restore your life lying in shambles.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-27-09

Song title: "He Will Carry You"

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