Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I cried out as I circled the skies
No soul heard my pleading cries,
The spirit wearies seeking ease
With wings broken no one sees.

I soared as the gull high above
But found not one would love,
No one in the sky cared for me
So I plunged into the dark sea.

I soared so high the sun burned,
Father's children have spurned
My sins were so great they hate,
To free fall deserted was my fate.

Where is the one to ease my pain
Who will cleanse me of sins stain
Who soothes my brow when I cry?
Father of the stars before I die.

My sins are many my regrets more
Laden by guilt I can soar no more,
Love me grandfather of the skies,
Mend my wings and dry my eyes.

Father in Heaven reach out to me
Raise me above this tempest sea,
Raise me high away from harms,
Cradle this wild bird in your arms.

Forgive your child with dirty wings
Light my darkness King Of Kings,
I should have known on my flight
Satan's cauldron would be my plight.

Father of water, earth, wind and fire
I am caught in a whirlpool so dire,
Reach down Savior too pull me free,
From this sea of despair resurrect me.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-08-09

Song title: "Concerto de Aranjues"

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