Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You lift me when I am low
Then show the path to go,
You brighten my every day
As I travel along life's way.

What would I do without you
To gently guide me through
Each tribulation that arises,
Every trouble that surprises.

With you showing the way
I remain above life's fray,
Nothing can bring me harms
Wrapped in your arms.

Each day in this world I live
Your precious love you give,
I am safe in your embrace
There is no perilous place.

The light of your love is bright
I fear no shadows of the night,
I will heal from all heartache
Your love will not forsake.

Lord Jesus I cling to your robe
Lest temptation my soul probe
You are my shield against sin,
A defending force within.

Jesus I submit to you in prayer
In your glory my spirit is bare,
At your nail scarred feet I lay
My heart and soul every day.

I forever trust you in all things
And someday I will have wings
Then please take me home afar
Beyond that last shining star.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-14-09

Song title: "For All Your Love"

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