Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Lord awaken thy love in me
Freshen my heart with glee,
Rekindle hopes eternal flame
As I whisper your holy name.

Lord Jesus you were my light
But I am lost into the night,
Awaken thy love once glowing,
Light my path once showing.

Savior thy love brightly burned
But in self-love was spurned,
I threw it aside too lie sleeping
And I am regretfully weeping.

Lord Jesus adore me once more
Let me feel happiness as before,
Channel thy grace within to thrive,
Father I want to feel alive.

This vessel of clay is empty inside
Slowly my joyful spirit has died,
Jesus heal my heart and restore
The pleasure of living once more.

Show me the good each day I rise
Let beauty display before my eyes,
Change the disfigured way I see
And revive a glad heart in me.

Precious Lord Jesus raise me high
Till all my trails have passed me by
Then set me down on sacred ground
With thy shield of mercy all-around.

Forgive me and let thy grace flow
Purge my sins and make me whole,
Awaken thy sleeping love once more
And I shall treasure thy favor evermore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-01-10

Song title: "Even Me"

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