Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In hard-times we often feel forlorn
Our emotions are frayed and worn,
Worries in mind are exacting a cost
And we begin to feel hopelessly lost.

We feel deserted as a motherless child
As problems become increasingly wild
And we struggle for a lifeline to save us,
In hard-times we seek The Lord Jesus.

We pray for the caress of Jesus to heal
And pray for solace when lonely we feel
We cry His name when we are grieved
And pray for guidance when deceived.

And I wonder why when things go bad,
And I ponder why when life turns sad
Do we seek Him only in times of despair
When our divine lifeline is always there.

Jesus is not a part-time friend to be used
Only when we feel miserable and abused,
With a prayer He is there in time of need,
But He is a full-time friend forever indeed.

With prayer He forgives our sinful behavior
But The Redeemer is not a part-time savior,
Our friend is the way to The Promised-Land
And Should be foremost when living is grand.

Each night we pray as we close sleepy eyes
And Jesus is still there as we yawn and rise,
He doesn't leave because peacefully we rest
So why do we leave Him when living is best.

At work or play or just whiling time away
Jesus is a treasure in our lives every day
And whether life is happy or sorrow filled
His love and will should never be stilled.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-17-10

Song title: "Jesus Is The Cornerstone"

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