Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Stand with Bible in raised hand
Look toward the Promised-Land
And praise Lord Jesus in Prayer
If you really want to go up there.

If heart and soul you desire to go
Where the heavens brightly glow
Fix your yearning stare on Jesus,
He is the bridge to Heaven for us.

The Son of The Father is the way
To ascend to Glory-Land someday
But if precious lambs expect to go
We must assure The Shepherd so.

Pray to Jesus who bears our scars
To find your glory amidst the stars,
God's forgiveness will be your gain
For eternal life on a higher plane.

We imagine reaching those gates,
We dream of Paradise that waits
And praying to Christ Is the way
For dreams to come true one day.

The truths are in The Bible reading
And it's words we should be heeding,
If we expect to ever be given wings
We must believe the Scripture things.

The magnificence defies truly telling
But splendor waits at your dwelling,
Mansions are ready for occupation
When we ascend from graduation.

In God's grace we'll have our place
Beyond the stars into timeless space
And the flight home is honestly priced,
For our fare The Son was sacrificed.

Jesus died that we may eternally live
And forgiveness He will lovingly give,
Heaven is just as near as a little prayer
But you'll need permission to go there.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-01-09

Song title: "The Eastern Gate"

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